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mpf-label-tipped-hat.pngMonty’s Plant Food Company began with a passion to find the best quality plant food. By combining traditional macro nutrients with proprietary technology we have developed innovative plant and soil solutions that are productive, economically feasible, and environmentally sound. We remain committed to providing the most innovative, easy-to-use, efficient and eco-friendly plant food and soil conditioners on the market.


Founded in 1997, Monty’s Plant Food Company manufactures plant and soil enhancement products.  More than a plant food and soil conditioner company, Monty’s is a technology company using advanced science to promote a more sustainable solution for gardeners and growers.



There's nothing like it

For years Monty’s has been the secret of spectacular gardens, flower beds and lawns. Monty's key ingredients work together to bolster root growth, promote germination, and assist with rapid uptake of nutrients by the plant.

Foliar feeding is key!

Monty’s Plant Food is so efficient it can be applied to the leaves, where it provides and enables quick uptake of other nutrients directly to the plant. This is different from how fertilizers work; they first must break down the ingredients with water and then find their way to the root system.

Monty's Plant Food is a combination of stable, quality ingredients, and has been formulated to promote faster root development, stronger plant growth and increased flower, fruit and vegetable production. 


The story of Monty’s


It is with deep sadness that we share the passing, in February of 2012, of the co-founder and namesake of Monty’s Plant Food Company, Monty Justice, at age 84. It was Monty’s passion for growing roses that led him to create our original plant food formula in his own backyard.  That same passion was evident in everything that he did – from coaching youth basketball, to caring for some of the most beautiful gardens in the region.  He will be greatly missed.

In Loving Memory of
Montrose “Monty” Justice

Read more about Monty here.


Monty’s Plant Food Company began not as a company but as a passion; a passion to find the best quality plant food. Monty Justice was looking for a balanced pH product that would not add salts to the soil while still maintaining excellent nutrition for his own roses, which he grew for competition. However, no such product existed in the early 1980’s. Instead of giving up, Justice decided he would just invent one. And, he did.

Created in his own home, Monty’s initial formula soon became the joy of gardeners across the Kentucky community where he was born and raised. As word spread, demand grew. Monty soon found himself bottling his product in one gallon recycled milk jugs and delivering them to customers across the Mid-South from the trunk of his car.Monty's Joy

The initial days of the company were truly a family business. His wife and children helped with mixing, packaging and distribution. His son-in-law, Dennis Stephens, was his business partner in their Rose Care Company as they tended to some of the most prestigious rose gardens in central Kentucky. Then, reports mounted about the success of Monty’s on garden crops. Stephens, a generational farmer from Bourbon County, KY, began the first trials on his own family’s tobacco crops, just to see if the results they had been seeing in roses and vegetable gardens could be reproduced on a larger scale.  After that first season, amazed by the results, Stephens along with three other businessmen convinced Monty that it was time to take the product to an even larger audience.

Gone are the days of mixing product on the back patio, but that same family atmosphere and commitment to value and excellence still persists. Even though we are now delivering our product in different containers than we once used for mixing a week’s supply, you can count on Monty’s Plant Food to continue to search for products that will benefit plants and the people who grow them.


Monty's plant foods and soil conditioner are also sold at independent lawn and garden centers.  To find one near you, click here.

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